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Book Interview: Dovetail Down the House by Kallie Falandays

Kallie Falandays is the author of Dovetail Down the House (Burnside Review Press, 2016). You can read her work in Black Warrior Review, The Journal, Salt Hill, and elsewhere. She runs TellTellPoetry.

Dovetail Down the House

1. Why Dovetail Down the House?

I made you up to be less lonely.

2. Your poems are without titles. This is not a very conventional practice. What led to this style?

The collection is a conversation between a woman and the man she dreamt up, so titles seemed unnecessary.

3. Kallie, what are your three favorite poems in the book?

Three favorite poems include “Brontide” that previously appeared in Tupelo Quarterly“[The first time anyone dreams anything solid]” in Juked, and “I want to tell you yes” in PANK.

  1. Kallie, talk about one particular memory that is buried in the pages of the book.

I want to tell you yes,” came out fully formed in a dream.

Author Kallie Falandays
  1. Did you work toward any particular theme?

This was one of the collections where the theme sort of found me. The first poem came to me in a dream, and the rest formed from there.

  1. How did you know your manuscript is ready for publication?

I had been pulling it out of me for years and years, and I had been editing and reediting for so long, that it almost felt like a small battle. It grew to 90 pages, and the team at Burnside Review Press helped me edit it down to where it is now.

  1. Kallie, which contemporary poets are you reading now? 

I’m reading Devon Miller-Duggan, Kaveh Akbar, Tim Lynch, and Sara Eliza Johnson.

  1. “Someone wants to be paper,/ and so Googles “how to become paper,” is striking! What was your state of mind while writing this poem?

When I was writing this poem, I was thinking about the questions I bring up in the poem. What happens when we want to hide? When do we want to be someone else?

  1. If you had a chance for bartering your poems for anything, what would that be?

I would swap all my poems for love.

  1. Three reasons why people should buy Dovetail Down the House?

People should buy Dovetail Down the House because they’re sad, it’s inexpensive, and please.

Buy Dovetail Down the House by Kallie Falandays here.

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